It’s Little League 5-6 year olds and you’re coaching your kids to run down the kids and tackling them in the process of getting the fifth out???

The away team with walk up music was something else the other day too…

Julie’s the coach. I was out on third trying to keep order but their base coach is telling them to tag the runner, who is now in the outfield trying to get away before they get knocked over.

Meanwhile, our side cheers for every kid on both teams until we have to console ours then Julie can’t coach anymore.

What’s more important here? Teaching kids they’re faster or baseball skills?


@ChrisShort people take kids sports way too seriously. My girls play soccer every year and it's wild to see some of the other dad's and coaches just SCREAMING at their kids. Like... It's just a game. It's not even a competitive league, which we do have here if they want to do that.

@CrowderSoup It’s VERY annoying. Literally suggested we ghost the showboat teams, hold a solid practice at a reasonable hour, and then let me buy all the ice cream after. I’d much rather spend my time and money on that.

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