Well, it happened: I tested positive for covid. I'm pretty bummed about it.

But what I am NOT bummed about is having this amazing deck to sit on and sip my hot toddy.

Got my DotFiles working on my phone with only a minor device specific tweak to alias `ssh` to termux's `ssha`, which can find a running ssh agent.

I posted this poll on Twitter as well as here. It's interesting how more people said they sign their commits here, vs the majority saying the opposite over there.

Also the engagement is interesting. More than 3x as many people participated here than over there. Even though I have significantly more followers there.

Honestly I'm half tempted to just hit publish on this thing 😂

I mean, it's a motherfucking website after all!


Peach monster, peach 99, and a silly straw. Pretty good way to close out the weekend 😜

I posted this on twitter: but who can tell me why would be using nearly 90GB in `~/.local/share/flatpak/repo/objects` given only these things being installed?

And yes, I've run `flatpak uninstall --unused`.

Kit went to the groomers today and came back an even handsomer boy than before 🐕💕

Last picture from my weekend, I promise!

This is me standing on Pine Peak. Behind me you can see Notch Peak in the very back.

From this peak I hiked along the spine behind me and into a grove of Bristlecone Pines.

I hiked about 5 miles today to spend some time among the ancient bristlecone pines. Reading and napping under these thousand year old trees was nothing short of transcendental.

I tried to take a cool picture last night, but I'm not sure I love it. Maybe I just need a different edit... 🤔

Goal for today is to hike up a nearby peak and get some better pictures!

Trucks loaded up and ready to roll. House mountain range here I come!!

I love using water bottles for ice because it's dual purpose, but I love even more when they do this!

I'm just saying, I think this would be an INCREDIBLE couples costume for Halloween...

Here's the pictures I promised yesterday! Split Rock lighthouse was awesome (as always) and Gooseberry falls were as raging as I've ever seen. The orange color in the water is due to iron ore deposits.

I might be having just as much fun taking pictures as I am tasting and comparing.

@Vikredistillery@twitter.com is a winner for sure. This is going on my "must visit" list for Duluth!


Having so much fun tasting and comparing! Vikre distillery in Duluth is a winner for sure.

Today we got to go to Snake Discovery in St Paul Minnesota for my nieces birthday today. OMG it was so fun!!

Ruby LOVED all the reptiles, but Evelyn was a bit wary and kept her distance 😆

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