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Surprise pic for my beautiful girlfriend. I love her very much and sometimes am unsure if my autism brain gets in the way of our relationship. She helps me understand it doesn’t. She’s been sad lately so I’m posting a picture of our cat without telling her.

I know she scrolls on Mastodon so we can all just wait for her reaction when she is scrolling and sees these portraits of @luna unexpectedly.

You create a system that rewards exploitation and then wonder why the greediest bastards always seem to rise to the top.



More cat pictures. No reason. Just want to make my girlfriend smile. @luna

Good morning! Its time for everyone's favorite part of their day. The Nóva Show in the mornings. Come drink coffee, say hi, and lets talk about life. We will be live coding some Go for Kubernetes.

Live Now! Exclusively on @Twitch

Phew, just barely saved my GitHub streak. Just did a minor readme update. It ain't much, but it's honest work.

Well, it happened: I tested positive for covid. I'm pretty bummed about it.

But what I am NOT bummed about is having this amazing deck to sit on and sip my hot toddy.

Men on the internet criticising women 

I don't know why this one irked me so much. But I responded to one of these dudes today.

Here's a tip for all men on the internet: don't do this.

And yes, I'm *actually* like this. Ask anyone who knows me.

I'm a huge sucker for a little wooden bridge on a hiking trail, but a folksy ladder? heck

Should I set up

I ended up setting up rather than use WeeChat in relay mode with clients on various devices.

Pretty happy with how it's set up thus far!

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Today I'm upgrading my raspberry pi from buster to bullseye. After that I'm installing WeeChat. Any recommendations for me on IRC channels/servers to join??

Job opening! KDE needs an "App Stores Support Engineer" to help our projects get their software on app stores everywhere and for all operating systems. Check out the offer: is this you?


I think every tragedy should be treated like a plane crash: there should be an independent group that analyses the tragedy to find out what exactly the causes were and once they come to a conclusion they should propose legislative change that prevents these disasters from occurring again if possible. These changes should then be adopted as quickly as possible.

What personal pronoun does your internal monologue / when you refer to yourself when writing notes to you / ToDos? e.g. "We need to get groceries", "I need to get groceries"?

Right, so there is such a thing as going too far… this should at least be a configurable option so that folks who want web sites to adapt to their system light/dark mode settings can have that.

There’s a line between protecting people and being paternalistic. And I can’t believe I’m the one having to say this but privacy isn’t the only concern when designing (e.g., in this case you might be overriding someone’s accessibility preferences).

#privacy #LibreWolf #design

It has been a whole year since I've began only ever using a text editor of my own making.

It has changed a quite a bit since its first incarnation, but finally settling for an editor that I could hack at whenever it annoyed me was a pretty positive experience.

If you're ever considering doing something like that, this website has been an excellent resource for ideas:

Not sure what yesterday's headache was all about but today I'm feeling MUCH better. Fingers crossed it stays that way because my to-do list around the house is... Extensive 😅

First up, drain and replace the water in the hot tub. An essential tool for this job is a good water pump. Most hot tubs have a drain, but a good water pump not only makes it go faster but gives you enough pressure to use a sprinkler and water your yard.

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