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Howdy! I'm Alan.

I'm the type of person who has ideas for things and then bangs my head against them until I get them to work

I've really gotten into the idea of using sub-domains as playgrounds. You can check out my collection here:

Photography recently come back into my life ( and I'm playing a sax after twenty years without touching a horn. So, feel free to ask me anything about picking up your high-school hobbies again 🙂

trying out terraform since cdk apparently doesn't have server timing headers I want to use for

stop by, say hi 🎷

i'm not sure what having lots of tabs open is an indicator of, but whatever it is, i've got it

in today's live coding session we'll be moving to a request/response mechanism for syncing

doing some player refactoring for if you'd like to stop by and say hi -

live coding night stream: 9:30pm ET

Working on my Grimoire (aka notes app)

I built another experimental page without javascript, css, or images. this one is a grid of changing random colors


yes, browser tabs are a thing

but let us not forget about terminal tabs

in today's example of solid opening riffs: white zombie - thunder kiss '65

8,879 note files successfully migrated from markdown to org-mode

I need a nap

three hours of digging, but this javascript:

const d = new Date()
const s = d.toLocaleString(
'sv-SE', { timeZone: 'America/New_York'}
).replace(" ", "T")

will produce a timezone specific date that looks like this: 2022-06-07T16:26:26

*byotz for iso 8610

What would Wonder Woman and Spider Man name their business?

Amazon Web Services

cleaning up some notes. found the ones planning my presidential run and what I was going to do when I was inevitably elected

bipolar mania is a trip

the thing that lead me to switch from vim to emacs is called Org-mode

it lets you run code snippets inside a text file and output the results back into it

every editor should have this

I wonder what the percentages are between folks who count 3, 5, or 10 before restart

Goal: Record screen cast using grimoire

Yak1: Decide to automate typing
Yak2: Decide to build w/ osascript in emacs
Yak3: Decide to log to external file
Yak4: Decide to parameterize external writer
Yak5: Start troubleshooting issue w/ vars
Yak6: Write stack overflow question

I'm going to watch the yak shaving championship

just gotta finish something up first to get ready

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