just missing the midi connectors (that I totally effed up earlier)

words i never want to hear at work: "enforce through jira"

fun w the impression 5.7" e-ink display. super simple library interface that works with PIL/pillow to display images.

render time is fairly slow - ~10 sec for full-screen image. plan to play around a bit more to see how partial updates do.

will either make this a garden or network status display. tbd!

3 Sept 9! woomy~~

oops, alt text: power plug for moog verkstatt on a sushi desk mat

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dear work, please stop using hashtags to name initiatives. ain't nobody tootin about them

howdy, folks - time:

at not-work: vidyagames, gardening, super-amateur woodworking. electronic music. recently on snes/genesis re-play kick - newfangled games are too much for me.

at work: software engineer recovering from a cycle of EMing/Directoring. now mostly focused on and cloudy stuff.

toot out/


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