I may have goofed the intro. So hello I'm serena, I do Kubernetes things and most recently building a cloud on raspberry pis in my office. I'm very invested in low power, decent performance, and most importantly low noise server infra.

Questions to ask yourself when embarking on an open source software project:

1. What the fuck
2. Why would you do this
3. Are you out of your mind

If you can answer all three of these questions with a resounding 'yes!' then you are ready to begin.

Aaah, forgot to post it here too. My precious has arrived!

Kinda’ quiet here lately… I wonder how to spice things up a bit :)

Hiked through some lovely fog last weekend in a forest close to Carrigfoyle Lake near Wexford.

I saw Judas Priest playing live for the first time yesterday. Such an amazing band and what a great show! (Spoiler: I took a screen shot of Rob’s post for people who don’t want to click on Instagram links) instagram.com/p/CfW4psVNYpW

I finally managed to read a research paper end to end after more than a month and it feels great.

News sites are such rubbish these days. It shouldn't be normal for crazy nonsense to take the spotlight across the board. My feed is full of dumb articles on how "Google built sentient AI". FML. I hate to admit it, but I'm starting to think it was right to go for paywalls instead of relying on ad views for income. Unfortunately, the implementation is stupid and came far too late...

The awesome part about this space is that I can catch up quite quickly after ignoring it for several days and I see way more positive / engaging stuff than the usual clickbait crap that major social networks tend to highlight.

@dma In other news you can help offset the cost of the server to meet our financial projection for the year. ko-fi.com/krisnovalive

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I told management to stop asking me to take the rug and give my daily report during standups and it felt so liberating. I know it sucks for the rest of the team, since they don’t have this privilege, but, there’s no point for me to keep repeating the same stuff weeks in a row. It’s a complicated task and I’m probably the only one in the team who can tackle it, but I have too many meetings throughout the day and it frustrates me to say “I didn’t have any time for it” or worse, pretend that I did.

Yay, looks like we're back in business here 🎉

Retoot if you are loving the tooterverse. 🥰🐘💨


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