3am anxiety. What do I do?

@dma In other news you can help offset the cost of the server to meet our financial projection for the year. ko-fi.com/krisnovalive

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The Mastodon instance officially has graphs! Thanks to @dma for the hard work on the backend.


Good morning. Live stream starting now!

Come say good morning and lets look at multicluster eBPF service meshes with Cilium today.


Okay I am very frustrated with Monday already. I don't know if I like the way this is starting. I am not here for the criticism without reciprocation. You can either roll up your fucking sleeps and help or you can stop blowing me up. EOF. This isn't about you.

My favorite part about hosting hachyderm is the altruism and he fact that I use it the least. Just happy to be supporting everyone out there.

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Mastodon is going to be my new live journal and you can’t stop me.

I’m very depressed and sad because I don’t have any friends these days. I want to move somewhere where I can go outside and make friends.

Does anyone want to like... be my friend.. and like.. go on a trip?

Here is what we are removing. (step 1)

Here is what you should do about it.
(step 2)

I saw the tweets. I read the blogs. I heard the news.

Nowhere did anyone call out that the Kubelet was breaking and that all the systemd packages were all hard coding breaking flags.

We deprecate shit all the time. This isn't a deprecation. This is an irreversible breaking scope reduction of the entire project.

I am not mad at the docs team, I am mad at architecture for letting this happen this way.

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Additionally we shouldn't have broken the fucking kubelet without giving folks a path forward.

Its one thing to deprecate a feature. Its another thing to remove functionality and leave the operate broken in their tracks with nothing to do.

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I feel bad being as judgmental as I was on Twitter. However I was mostly venting. I am not attempting to blame anyone, or imply anyone's work is inadequate.

The problem is the we have multi billion dollar corporations neglecting open source projects and the community is slapped together with a handful of burnt out volunteers while CEOs smoke cigars in private jets.

Just a quick show of hands. Who here on tooter prefers twitch or youtube?

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Took the day off work. Its been rough lately. Today I will be "following the dopamine" live on Twitch!

Come hang out with us and lets see what mischief we can get into today.


The level of drama at kubecon right now is unbelievable - I made the right decision to stay home and it has nothing to do with a virus 🦠

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