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Farewell episode. Will be streaming all day as I dismantle my office in preparation for the move. Come say your farewell to Alice, and the server rack that has served our hacker community well over the past.

Live now. Exclusively on @Twitch

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Good morning. Another beautiful hacker vibe Twitch stream to start the day off.

Hacking on Rust and maybe even some PHP today!

. Live Now. Exclusively on @Twitch!

Sorry about the service disruption recently . Please let me know if you notice any data loss.

The service will continue to be online for the next month before its transferred back to our permanent infrastructure again.

Happy Friday! Another arousing episode of .

More systems development in rust.

Live now! Exclusively on

Good Morning. Time for more Rust systems development at .

Live now. Exclusively on @Twitch

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I got IntelliJ CLion working on my nixos based arm system. However, the rust tool chain doesn’t know where to find stdlib sources yet and the fsNotifier is still broken despite compiling it for the platform.

Is anyone instead in a description of what I am doing to fix it? Or maybe even a working flake?

Good Morning. Another quiet and tranquil hacking session. Come enjoy the peace in the morning. News. Coffee. More.

Live now. Exclusively on @Twitch.

The Nova Show in the morning. Tech. News. Coffee.

Live now. Exclusively on @Twitch

Good Morning! Another exciting day of Rust programming live on . Lets talk security and different authn/authz strategies!

Live now. Exclusively on @Twitch

Looks like I have some more free time to hack on my project today on ! Come hang out with us and lets stumble through some Rust daemon code together.

Live now! Exclusively on @twitch

Good morning everyone. Starting another live stream now. Looking and talking more about some systems basics. Come talk about distributed systems, and more... only on .

Live now. Exclusively on @Twitch

Happy Friday everyone! It's time for another exciting Friday morning rendition of .

This morning: Rust systems and runtime development.

Live now. Exclusively on @Twitch.

Been spending WAY too much time thinking about imperfect infrastructure.

I wrote down my thoughts on mechanistic and organic systems. Thinking about how architectures that embrace organic design (dapr, service mesh, harvested platforms) are going to win.

Sunday live stream. Let's go!!!

Hacking on Go/Rust again.

Live now! Starting in about 15 minutes. Exclusively on @Twitch

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Finished all my chores for the day. Going to hang out with a surprise Saturday stream! Continuing to hack on Systemd/Kubernetes in Go/Rust. Let's go!!

Exclusively on

Good morning everyone! Time for the best part of my day.

This morning its more Go/Rust. Going to be doing some polymorphisim in Go and looking at some Linux paradigms.

Live now. exclusively on @Twitch.

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