Corporations will be here soon. News will be here soon. Being able to have your own domain and run your own instance is going to be the thing that sticks.

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@nova extrapolating from this, there will be managed fedi providers akin to Google Workspace / Office 365 selling *this* on organizational domains. I've always thought Twitter/Instagram etc could be in that business and nothing's really stopping them other than vision/inertia.

@nova should we let them use then we can block the domain 😅

@maartje @nova sorry but no. That’s a definite must buy and I can’t condone passing it up 😆

@nova unsure if you are aware, but parts of the German government are here already! Some ven exclusively. Snoop at

@nova Hi. 10k+ employees tech consulting corp here. :) And yes, completely agree with you, running your own social is the new black. No blue tick, no need to fight copy-cats or impersonators.

FYI, all our employees are offered a Mastodon account on our instance if they wish. They can also move away to another instance and take all their followers with them.

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