Hello hachydermians!

Today we experienced our first production outage 🎉 was offline for about 60 minutes today.

Thank you to @Taniwha for restoring the service.

We have written up a related post mortem.

Very exciting that we had our first outage today. More from us as we scale our service and become more intimate with the Mastodon software.

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@nova @Taniwha so cool that y’all did a postmortem for this, thanks for sharing! love an unexpected rails migration 😅

@nova @Taniwha

This /OUTAGES writeup is lovely! Many good things to note and learn from for the wider #mastoadmin community

@nova @Taniwha OMG I love a good post mortem on a prod outage! Thank you for sharing 😊

@nova I appreciate the transparency with everything going on at! It sounds like an awesome project and it's interesting to hear about it.

@frichetten We appreciate support while we teach aspiring engineers how to operate production infrastructure - please be nice

@nova I love the positivity :)

"Very exciting... first outage" :D

@nova @Taniwha it's a really good writeup. Thank you for leaving this behind for others to learn from, and to document the tools that are (now!) available.

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