Mastodon is going to be my new live journal and you can’t stop me.

I’m very depressed and sad because I don’t have any friends these days. I want to move somewhere where I can go outside and make friends.

@nova I for one am looking forward to reading your mastojournal.

@nova My partner and I moved our family to our current neighborhood in Salt Lake City for just that reason. I can go sit on my front patio and drink a beer and suddenly I've got friends.

All my best friends that I go camping and hiking with were made that way. Finding a place you can just go outside and make friends is so invaluable.

@nova I fully support this!

I'm sorry to hear you're so depressed and sad and are needing friendship/human connection. That's really hard to cope with.

well, I am looking forward to follow your live journey, too. Maybe it's the other way around and your sadness just makes it look like you don't have friends, when in reality, you have many...?

@nova yeah… making friends as an adult is way harder than I ever imagined

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