Omg @quintessence said we could stay up late past bedtime and watch detective pikachu! Yes!

Tomorrow morning (9:45am Pacific) will be my session with
. If you have been waiting for an excuse to come check out my twitch stream now is the time.

Live tomorrow morning. All proceeds going to


Blocked by the DoD. How is your Tuesday going?

For all the friends out there in the tooterverse you can now install xpid directly in archlinux using yay (or similar)

You can then use it to find:

- ebpf programs
- hidden pids
- containers
- more

When you are ripping container pids apart at runtime and pushing the limits of the Go programming language. 😅


There it is. Easy peazy. Lemon squeezy.

Make sure you follow good privacy practices folks.

🐘 💨

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It is possible to connect to the database as a Mastodon admin (owner of the instance) and query for specific records/DMs.

su - 'postgres' -s /bin/sh -c 'psql'

\c mastodon_production

select text from statuses order by id desc;

h/t @ellie

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So Mastodon does NOT encrypt DMs.

I was able to trace a string directly from a DM into a the postgres database. There is no encryption at rest. Nor is there end to end encryption. (Yet!)

Here is a photograph of a DM with the string "N0VAn0vaN0VA"

Additionally my relationship with Twitter makes a lot of sense now. If their privacy and moderation controls work at all like the ones on Mastodon, I can see exactly how my account was flagged, and why nobody is doing anything about it.

Moderators can literally see all your posts and filter them. We can also gather notes, flag accounts, and look up other accounts based on email domain, IP address, etc

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Will be working on a privacy policy for the service soon. It is important to me to be as transparent as possible with folks using Mastodon. To be clear I very much *CAN* see you public IP address, the email you register with, and filter the data to find out similar accounts for moderation purposes.

Here is what I can see for every client on

Pleased to announce that the official instance now has support for images and media uploads. We currently have 2tb of storage set aside on a ZFS file system for all of our data. I’ll continue to admin the system, blog about it, and come up with a compelling open source privacy policy for us. In the mean time - please send cat/dog pics!

If you follow the rules, you are welcome to join. Here we are trying to build a curated network of respectful professionals in the tech industry. We are hackers, professionals, enthusiasts, and are passionate about life, respect, and freedom. We believe in peace. Safe space. Tech Industry. Economics. OSINT/News. Linux. Kubernetes. Infrastructure. Security. Hackers. Respect. LGTBQIA+. Pets. Hobbies.