Took the day off work. Its been rough lately. Today I will be "following the dopamine" live on Twitch!

Come hang out with us and lets see what mischief we can get into today.

More xpid hacking! Come hack with us!

Hello hachydermians!

Today we experienced our first production outage 🎉 was offline for about 60 minutes today.

Thank you to @Taniwha for restoring the service.

We have written up a related post mortem.

Very exciting that we had our first outage today. More from us as we scale our service and become more intimate with the Mastodon software.

Live stream starting in 20 minutes. Will be working on working on some final changes to my new book (Hacking Capitalism

As well as ☕ news and normal kernel hackery.

See everyone live on Twitch soon.

🐘 💨

For all the friends out there in the tooterverse you can now install xpid directly in archlinux using yay (or similar)

You can then use it to find:

- ebpf programs
- hidden pids
- containers
- more

Working on xpid. Process hacking. Kernel coding. Live on twitch.

🐘 💨

Starting now!

Live stream starting in 30 minutes! See you all there.

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