3am anxiety. What do I do?

@dma In other news you can help offset the cost of the server to meet our financial projection for the year. ko-fi.com/krisnovalive

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The Mastodon instance officially has graphs! Thanks to @dma for the hard work on the backend.


Good morning. Live stream starting now!

Come say good morning and lets look at multicluster eBPF service meshes with Cilium today.


@JohnnyCiocca Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart. You just gotta poke around.

@JohnnyCiocca You should now be able to log in, and reset your 2fa.

@JohnnyCiocca I can reset your 2fa for you. We have a moderators channel in discord that can also help with these types of concerns.

If you consent, I can reset your 2fa now and you should be able to log in and reactivate your 2fa

Okay I am very frustrated with Monday already. I don't know if I like the way this is starting. I am not here for the criticism without reciprocation. You can either roll up your fucking sleeps and help or you can stop blowing me up. EOF. This isn't about you.

My favorite part about hosting hachyderm is the altruism and he fact that I use it the least. Just happy to be supporting everyone out there.

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