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How many invasive thoughts is everyone having each day? I’m wondering if a head full of monsters is relatively normal?

Slept in with @quintessence today! Going to do family breakfast and have another big sunday stream later today

Heading to bed! Tomorrow morning stream is going to be eBPF and ptrace in C ✌🏻🤓

Tell me goodnight and tell me I’m beautiful.

No. Nobody wants to watch a superhero movie. Ever. Just fucking stop.

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The world if neurodivergent people were allowed to follow their special interests and hyperfixations instead of being shamed for them at every turn and forced to pursue shit they don't like

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My fear: #wasm will bring back more proprietary code running on my machine that I can not control. With all the access modern browsers have, I don’t feel safe. Can someone explain why I am wrong? Or not :)

Live stream revenge from this morning. Come hack with us! We are wrapping up the last chapter of the book!

My agoraphobia is preventing me from going to the gym. No more updates.

I get more support on mastodon than I do on Twitter - love you all

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Live stream starting in 10 minutes.

Tell us what you think. We recorded what could be our first !

CC @quintessence who I love the most in this world.

I want to talk more about this on one of the morning shows. Lets talk about ftrace and how we can intercept code execution in the kernel. This could be a fabulous vector for another rootkit strategy.

Live stream starting in 5 minutes. Come say with us.

We have a channel in our discord and it’s a great way to wake up. Is there a way we could start bringing it Mastodon? Id love to see your morning thoughts, pictures, and positive takes on the day. ☀️ 🐘

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After 10 weeks of Russia's brutal invasion, the EU still stands firmly by Ukraine.

Today at the Donors' Conference in Warsaw, President announced a new aid package of €200 million to support displaced people in Ukraine.


Good morning tooter. How is my favorite group of decentralized nerds doing? Hope everyone is having a great week.

Tell us something about yourself this morning. What is something nobody would ever know about you?

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Russian officials and business people no longer have privileged access to the EU.

Today we put forward guidelines to help EU countries in applying the partial suspension of the Visa Facilitation Agreement with Russia.

The suspension does not affect ordinary Russian citizens.

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Mr. Pancakes wresting with his BFF Maverick. Maverick is a month older, but white golden retrievers are a large breed, while Bernese Mountain Dogs are a giant breed. This helps Mr. Pancakes wrestle on even footing.

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