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Good morning everyone! Today is a fantastic day for all of you, because you get to watch me live stream in the morning.

Just a normal where we follow the dopamine. News. Coffee. Tech.

Live now (confusingly) exclusively on

Morning Twitter! I am so excited to have full Twitter capabilities again.

Live streaming on @Twitch now!

Today I'm pretty much just going to follow the dopamine and see what happens. Go, Rust, gRPC, etc

Exclusively on @Twitch.

I made @Twitch ✨ partner ✨ and today is my first stream with the shiny new checkmark.

Come say hi. We are doing some more runtime work in Go and Rust today.

Exclusively on @Twitch 😉

I am pretty sure counter social is just a mastodon fork with some bot accounts and associated paid infrastructure.

Happy Monday! Come drink coffee, check out the news, and look more at gRPC in Rust with Tonic with us today.

Live right now! Still exclusively on @Twitch

Sunday. Family day. Let's hack gRPC servers and clients in Rust!

Live now! Exclusively on @twitch

Good morning everyone! Day 3 of jumping into Rust. Going to be looking at cross compiling, command line flags, and forming an opinion on a few coding conventions with regard to mutability.

Live now. Exclusively on @Twitch

Good morning! Another exciting episode of today. Looking at news, coffee, and I am finally taking the plunge into rust!

Live now. Exclusively on @Twitch

Good morning! Time for another exciting episode of The Nova Show in The Mornings. Coffee. News. Tech.

I am finally going to take the plunge into Rust. Creating a template repository and getting familiar with the basics.

Live now. Exclusively on @twitch

Early release here on Mastodon. Not putting this on Twitter yet.

Would be curious in everyone's feedback.

Good morning everyone. The book is published. I am home from my work trip. I have an empty head, and a full heart.

The Nóva Show in the mornings. Where do we adventure next?

Let's fucking go. Live now. Exclusively on @Twitch

Happy Saturday. More live writing. Only 3 chapters of final edits left! Then comes the fun part of actually listing my book!

Come say hi! Live now. Exclusively on @twitch

Happy Saturday everyone. I will be doing a longer-than-normal stream today and wrapping up final edits on Hacking Capitalism.

Come say hi! Exclusively on @Twitch

On a day like today, anything can happen.

I have another hour blocked off for a morning stream. Come drink coffee and enjoy the nerd time with us.

Exclusively on @twitch

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday.

Let's have a nice welcoming, relaxed start to our week live on Twitch. Coffee. News. Live editing. Live now!

Exclusively on @Twitch

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I re-wrote the community website. As usual it's an experiment and work in progress.

Good morning everyone! I will be doing a live stream today. Following the dopamine as per usual.

Most likely doing our normal morning show, and taking a look at final edits in my upcoming book: Hacking Capitalism.

Live now! Exclusively on @Twitch

Good morning. Happy Monday. Going to do an hour or so of streaming before the day starts. Final edits in the book, and do our normal morning show.

Exclusively on @twitch

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