With each passing day I reflect on the fact that adulthood is difficult in all the ways that I did not expect as a youth.

US billionaires buy up Hawaii while most of us Hawaiians don't "own" a single acre of our US-illegally occupied home. Mark Zuckerberg forced us from his 1200 acre ranch on Kaua'i. Elon's buddy Larry Ellison owns an entire island, while we remain homeless.

Tried to take low dose melatonin for sleep: was reminded that yes, melatonin does in fact trigger headaches and only marginally helps with my sleep.

Realization I had while searching the internet foe things like "why am I tired all the time" - the 'self help" and even "when to see your doctor" advice has definitely **not** caught up with Current Events.

I should probably adjust my query. You get what you ask for, after all.

Product companies: Sign up for our community forum!
The People: :: uses real emails ::
Product Company: Marketing!
The People: :: use fake emails ::
Product Company: Oh no! You can't reset your password that way if you forget it 😉 Let's add a "confirm email to proceed" step.
The People: ...

Stolen joke:

It's only a murder of crows if there's probable caws.

Pet peeve: sign up for new service with my name as username, but it's taken, by someone who likes the word but it isn't their name.

Maybe Deduction Tree Comms might be a better name. Regardless, this brings me back to the question: do people with autism feel y'all struggle with responses that are the result of a deduction tree and not indirectness? 4/4

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The in real time texts might look like:

Partner: hey, won't be home til after 7
Me: ok I'll put dinner in the oven

If the assumed style of communication is "non-explicit comms" partner might assume that I read the information as an indirect request to put dinner in the oven; however, that is not the case - it was a deduction tree. 3/

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I've not seen a formal definition for the latter and it might have a different way that it's referred to, so by example:

Let's say we're in a world where offices are a thing and COVID is not. Partner messages that she will be home after 7, and that dinner needs to be in the oven at 6 PM to be ready when we have dinner. I know that this means: dinner needs to be in oven at 6, partner will be home long after that, therefore I should put dinner in the oven for that sequence to still happen. 2/

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I posted a question on Twitter but am also going to post it here as well so y'all don't need to navigate to Twitter:

Question for autistic persons - genuinely curious, do you find that you struggle between Non-explicit Expectations Communications as well as ... I think the best way to describe it is This/That/Therefore Communication? 1/

With how many SQL statements will I accidentally hit


Instead of just



Beware Laughing! 


BETELGEUSE - Instant space drink made from insects.
FINAL SOLUTION - The universal solvent.
VALIUM OF THE DOLLS - Robot tranquilizers.
MASTER BAITER - The ultimate in handheld fishing gear.
WHEREWOLF - Computer dating service for lycanthrophiles.

Hello everyone, do you know how to find MOOC or university lectures to listen as a podcast 📻? I've found some interesting courses on physics and astrobiology on Google Podcast (in English and French) but I wonder if there is something like UCI Open or MIT OpenCourseWare for audio lectures
#opencourses #moocs #openscience #lectures #podcasts

Uterine Health 

I hate pap smear day. (At least it's over.)

I actually had a convo with an HR person about a similar topic, actually, and I do understand why they say it's not about pay, but it's a "funny" view of employment all the same.

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