Feeling so chill after coming back from a few days vacation. Hope it still lasts when back at work tomorrow.

by night. A lot of tasks completed today. Now chilling and work prep.

Working through some of my jira tickets for the . New hosts, lights and lots more. Everyone else organises like this right?

Hi. I'm Louis. Also known as Satch, Satchmo or Satchmogeek. Here be my .

I'm a platform engineer and geek of over 30 years based in the UK. In the day I do stuff including , & .

Out of work I can be found tinkering with my or walking my dog in the countryside.

Yesterday the final parts of the lack rack were thrown out. Realised I’d had those silly tables with castors on over a decade in various forms. northmore.net/diy-rack-cabinet The new racks led lights should arrive today. Pics to follow.

I don’t know how I managed with my “lackrack” for so long!

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Reminder: must take updated server rack photo. Super impressed with the new rack so far.


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