Got a new laptop today... Let me install Fedora on it and tell you if it's any good🤓

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Robert Griesemer has created a prototype for rewriting anonymous functions to two of the lightweight forms proposed in #21498 and used it to experiment on the Go source.


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GitNex 4.3.0 is OUT.

Highlighted features:
- Single commit screen with diff view
- Show labels in issues and pr lists
- My issues with remote search and filters
- Follow system theme
- Show notification count when switch accounts
- & more...

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Check the release blog post and release notes.

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On my way to Mikkeller beer celebration 🤓

Tweet from Christian Borys (@ItsBorys), at 9. maj 22.03
Someone actually made a David Attenborough style voiceover for this video of a destroyed Russian tank.

The @EU_Commission is by far the most active 'user' in my feed. This is both cool and what's wrong with you people

Just found delete and re-draft, feels like an edit toot.. me like😎

Today I thought I finally had a good use case for generics in Go, but it turned out i didn't, again...
I will mark the calendar when it happens, I bet i will feel like a Java developer again😱

Croissants are in the oven, smooth jazz in the speakers, you know it's Sunday ❤️

It's normal to 3d print your own keyboard casing, right??

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Retoot if you are loving the tooterverse. 🥰🐘💨

@nova is being an Mastodon admin the new webmaster??

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