I love hearing about what people loved in movies. Hearing about what they hate? Not so much. If someone is reviewing a movie and all I hear is a bunch of hate it's the most boring conversation. But, hearing what parts of the story hit hard, or what was intriguing, or anything else that was enjoyable? Yeah, I can't get enough of that.

another quick plug for those of you checking twitter as you start your week:

i've launched a patreon and a newsletter! patreon.com/mollywhite

newsletter.mollywhite.net/issu has more, and some exciting things coming up.

thanks so much for your support 💙

Early release here on Mastodon. Not putting this on Twitter yet.

Would be curious in everyone's feedback.


Imaginary Words' hot take on the metaverse is 100% on point:

"Now, to be honest, whenever I’ve seen promotional videos of what the metaverse is going to look like, I’ve been a little underwhelmed. I mean, it just doesn’t look like the immersive virtual world that I imagined from Snow Crash. It looks more like a combination of Second Life and The Sims, except all the avatars seem to be in work meetings."


New workout routine: planks, crunches, squats in between Apex Legends matches. Thankfully I'm very bad at Apex Legends and am getting quality exercise in.

Got to the Speed Racer episode of #blankcheckpod and got goosebumps while walking the dogs, remembering how good of a movie it was. I don't think I've smiled and rocked back and forth in excitement more at any other movie

Things I've said to people when their favourite band goes a new direction:

* Bands need to reinvent themselves to stay creative
* You still have all their old stuff to love
* There's a near infinite supply of new music you now have the chance to try

Now I have to eat my words. Architects dropped a new single and I hate it so much.

So.... if anyone has suggestions now is a good time to throw them my way.

Tip #1 for how to make your UI not look like it was designed by a developer: stop centering your text everywhere especially multi-line text. Why do devs love centered text?

It's Monday morning and life is good. Kids slept all night, I have my headphones on, a wonderful Nepal tea, a peanut butter sandwich, and some unit tests that need writing.

...and the wrong branch checked out. I never said it was perfect.

As soon as we get another 2 or 3 admins (folks to help approve accounts, and moderate content) we can open Hachyderm.io back to the public.

Our infrastructure is now ready.


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