Good morning all from here in the UK, autumn has arrived - crisp and clear where I am.

Love seeing so many families and kids watching
England cricket.

Can't wait to be one of those families in a couple of weeks at Edgbaston!

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Stolen joke:

It's only a murder of crows if there's probable caws.

Kubecon is over. The reflections start.

My "in-person interactions" gauge is topped up, that feels nice.

My "curiosity about tech" gauge is topped up, that feels nice.

My "grrr, I don't have time to properly follow up or contribute" gauge is overflowing! Not so nice...

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Listening to The Cure for the first time in too long. They're ace.

Kubecon next week is my first event in person for over two years.

I feel very unready for travelling again. Not COVID stuff, but just "doing travel". Need to get my head in gear.


What I first read this morning in the news, followed by the first email I see...

Heart was racing!

Sadly all I won was £2.60, better luck next time!

Sorry for delete/re-draft, I forgot to add alt text.

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Remember Hachyderm and the rest of Mastodon isn't going to shove news and marketing in your face.

Good morning all from the UK, looking forward to the dopamine hits in here!

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