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Spending the time to learn #tmux basics was very much worth the investment. I live in tmux in my dayjob. If you work with #Linux, I strongly recommend it.

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Enarx is an open source framework for running WebAssembly applications in TEEs (Trusted Execution Environments).

Enarx is completely written in Rust and includes an SGX shim, an X86_64 unikernel via KVM with SEV-SNP support.

Our contributions to Rust include:

* static-pie support
* x86_64-unknown-none Tier 2 target
* stabilization of naked functions
* network support for wasm32-wasi
* bindeps feature for cargo

#rust #rustlang #confidentialcomputing
#webassembly #wasm #wasi

Just a couple of days until - already super excited!

@cadey I recently stumbled upon Olin ( Looks like you abandoned it. Is there any background info?

Digging through the source - it has some nice ideas!

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Today I will spend most of the day looking at the Event Horizon Telescope image of Sgr A*!

This is the first direct image of the emission immediately outside of our Milky Way’s central supermassive black hole!!!

2k bugs for a v2 really nice looking ? Seriously - this is too much for me.

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#Introduction Hello #fosstodon!

Yet Another Twitter Refugee landing on the shores of the #fediverse #mastodon world.

I am fleeing the unleashing of the trolls in the impending Musk-alypse.

With >41K blocks and <3K follows on Twitter the noise to signal ratio is trending the wrong way. And it will get worse.

Looking for quality follows for: #technology #softwaredevelopment #golang #FOSS #Kubernetes #cloud #InfoSec #ISP #Infrastructure #meditation #physics #photography #CovidIsAirborne

I wrote a couple of lines on doing file opens in with . Might be helpful to someone as learning material on this topic seems to be rare...

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Hachyderm is on ZFS, a Copy-On-Write file system.

Are you familiar with Copy-On-Write (COW) file systems?

Historically, file systems would modify data in place, destroying the old data.

COW file systems always write to a new location and keep track of what's changed as metadata. Written data is immutable, though it can be garbage-collected. This means more aggressive caching, easier snapshotting, integrity checking, and easier to implement correctly. It's also easier to distribute.

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