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How long have you been in the fediverse?

Comment if timeframe is not listed!

This #Pride month, remember that LGBT stands for Let's Go Beyond Theory!

What actions will you be taking to smash white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, and settler colonialism?

Please be considerate to yourself, your family and others and wear a mask.

We’re in the worst infection surge here in the US since last December.

You can get Long COVID and potential life-long disability even if you’re vaccinated and boosted and experience no symptoms during acute COVID. Multiple COVID infections, according to latest research, make Long COVID more likely and worsen outcomes.

I don’t know how to get that into people’s skulls, but we’re not “living with COVID”.

Can anyone point me in the direction of an Android 9 based build I can install on my pixel 2xl?

This is kinda a weird need, but in order to install Ubuntu Touch on it, I need to first have it running Android 9. It's currently on the last official version of Android 11.

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Saw a tweet about “a new generation of engineers” not knowing how things really work due to an over-reliance on cloud services(🤬). As someone who has really only ever worked with cloud hosted stacks now, and spent a huge portion of my career working with analogue audio equipment before that, this is a horribly incorrect statement. “How things work” changes constantly. Learning and teaching are the skills we need more of, TCP handshakes can come later.

Got my DotFiles working on my phone with only a minor device specific tweak to alias `ssh` to termux's `ssha`, which can find a running ssh agent.

My sister just called vampires... Hemo-gobblins. 🤣

TFW you go into the weekend knowing there's a very high likelihood you'll be turning in your notice at work within the next 5 business days.

Here is what we are removing. (step 1)

Here is what you should do about it.
(step 2)

I saw the tweets. I read the blogs. I heard the news.

Nowhere did anyone call out that the Kubelet was breaking and that all the systemd packages were all hard coding breaking flags.

We deprecate shit all the time. This isn't a deprecation. This is an irreversible breaking scope reduction of the entire project.

I am not mad at the docs team, I am mad at architecture for letting this happen this way.

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Additionally we shouldn't have broken the fucking kubelet without giving folks a path forward.

Its one thing to deprecate a feature. Its another thing to remove functionality and leave the operate broken in their tracks with nothing to do.

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I feel bad being as judgmental as I was on Twitter. However I was mostly venting. I am not attempting to blame anyone, or imply anyone's work is inadequate.

The problem is the we have multi billion dollar corporations neglecting open source projects and the community is slapped together with a handful of burnt out volunteers while CEOs smoke cigars in private jets.

Between a 5 hour virtual on-site interview circuit yesterday and a day full of meetings for my current job today, I have exhausted my peopling reserves. Need to go into hermit mode for the rest of the day if I'm going to have any chance of surviving my meeting schedule for the rest of the week.

@quintessence @CaribenxMarciaX

I use lulu and asciidoc. I will be doing a writeup on the entire thing once the book is published! I want to capture cost and the open source tools I used to do it!

I will be taking a break from streaming for a while! See everyone in a few days! Thanks for your continued support, I just need a small breather and to focus on my family.

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